Workshops and Events

A Night Of Channeling​ -Event

Location: Oakville, ON

Dates: TBA  

 Time: 7- 8:30/9 (approximately)

Cost: $20 cash payment

Come for a fun night of channeling on a specific topic as well has have your questions answered. This is great if you curious as to what channeling is, looking to receive some guidance from a higher source or to just have some fun!

Send an email to to reserve your spot!

3 Week Channeling Development

Location: Oakville, ON

Dates: TBA

Time: Sundays: 12:30- 2:30(approx.) Thursdays: 7:30-9:30(approx.)

Cost: $100


*Max. 6 people


In this 3 week channeling development class we will be focusing on developing our vocal channeling!

We will be doing some meditations and exercises but we will mostly be focusing on practising channeling. Each person will have the opportunity to practise and I will help guide you through it and help answer any questions you may have. Over each week we will be able to track and see the progress you are making and hopefully solve any issues that come up for you when you practise at home. Working in a group this way is great way to learn from each other and it also builds the energy up more so everyone develops faster!

*Must have taken the channeling basics workshop or have previous experience. 

Send an email to to register or if you have any questions!

Psychic Development Workshop

Date: TBA

Location: Oakville, ON

Time: 7-9:30(approx.)

Cost: $50

This is the workshop for those starting out on their intuitive journey and want to learn how to open up their own intuitive gifts and abilities!

We will go over:

-How intuitive's receive information

-The different ways to connect to spirit

-How to be aware of the subtle energies of spirit

-Exercises and Meditation to help open you up to spirit

-How to protect yourself and more!


 No experience necessary! This is a wonderful way to explore this exciting subject in a positive, safe and supportive environment.  


Send an email to to register or if you have any questions!

Channeling Basics Workshop


Location: Oakville, ON

Dates: TBA

Time: 7-9(approx.)

Cost: $50


In this workshop you will learn the basics of vocal channeling or trance mediumship, how to get into a trance state and ways you can practise. I will give a demonstration of channeling, we will do a group meditation to begin to connect, and we will do an automatic writing exercise to start you on your journey!


Channeling is connecting to higher beings, such as spirit guides and angels, stepping aside and allowing them to work through you, through voice or writing. Some famous channellers are Abraham Hicks, Jane Roberts, Bashar and Sanaya Roman.

In this workshop you will learn about channeling, how to connect to higher entities in a safe and positive way.
In this Introduction to channeling workshop we will take a closer look at channeling including:


-What is channeling
- How to channel safely 
- Role of trance
- Vocal Channeling demonstration

-How to begin to open up to channel

You will be given the opportunity to practice channeling in this workshop and have your questions answered by a powerful higher entity called “Hu” during a vocal channeling demonstration.
This is a wonderful way to explore this exciting subject in a positive, safe and supportive environment. 

All levels are welcome!

Send an email to to register or if you have any questions!

Private Classes

Private channeling classes are available for all levels! Learn when you want to, what you want to and at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

Classes are structured depending on your experience and what your goals are with it.

The info will generally be what is covered in the Channeling Basics Workshop and Intermediate/Advanced Workshop. Psychic basic development is available as well to help you open up to the spirit world. 

Learn things such as:

-Channeling basics

-Steps to channel

-Meditations, exercises and techniques to help you open up your channeling or improve it

-Automatic writing and vocal channeling development.

-Helping with any issues or blocks you have encountered.

-Psychic basics and the first steps to your intuitive journey. 

-Answer any questions you may have

Location: Oakville, ON or over Skype

Time: 2-2.5 hours approx.

Price: $150 for 1-2 people, additional people $50 each. 

Email me at for more info! 

"The channeling workshop I took with Elora was even more than I imagined it might be.
Her relaxed, welcoming presence combined with her experience and knowledge led us on a straight forward, exciting and concise path to connect to the unbelievably beautiful experience that I had. 
 This was a huge stepping stone for me as it taught me how to connect to the loving energy of higher beings and allow them to come through me.
 Thank-you so much Elora for being there for us!"                   

  -A.M.  Toronto , ON

"I want to thank you for helping me develop my channeling abilities! The vocal channeling is coming so easily now. I have learned so much, thanks again!"

-L.C. Kingston, ON

"The private channeling class was incredibly informative and helpful in my spiritual development. I feel like I have moved forward is such big ways after this. That beautiful and loving higher energy is something I can connect with now on a daily basis and my channeling has become so consistent. I highly recommend a class with Elora!"

-C.C. Oakville, ON