Online Course

Learn to channel!

Learn how to open up and connect with higher energies to bring through information anywhere and anytime! 

In the course you will learn:

-what is channeling

-who you can channel

-what you can channel

-understand trance states

-how to protect yourself

-how to make a connection and create a relationship with spirit

-how to give a reading 

-how to do automatic writing and spirit art

-different ways you can use channeling


-Basic understanding of how to meditate 

You will have written material, videos, worksheets and mediations.

Learning to channel is great for those who are looking to improve their intuitive gifts and abilities (even if you think you don't have any), to improve their creativity, if you work as a councillor/therapist or doctor, if you want to help people and help yourself and if you overall just want some more fun and excitment in your life! 

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